The Impact of Blockchain on the Gaming Industry

3 min readNov 25, 2022

Blockchain is beginning to revolutionize all industries. It’s already hit the film industry and the real estate market. Is gaming next? We think so. The impact of blockchain in the gaming industry will be huge, and gamers already know it. Because of the significant advances in copyrighting that blockchain offers, it’s the most logical solution for media like this.

There are already blockchain-based games, and CryptoKitties is one of the most well-known. But it could have implications for all of the gaming industry. There are plenty of reasons why blockchain is going to bring new insight into gaming and improve games for the better.


In the past, interoperability hasn’t been a strong suit for blockchain. But more and more projects are building bridges for interoperability, making it more possible now than it was before, and the hope is that it will be infinitely possible in the future.

This is huge for gaming because it could help improve trust between developers and players. Those who are active in online gaming already know how amazing this would be. Players in gaming worlds like Civilization, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, and others would have complete ownership and control over all of their assets.

For developers, it means that players can interact with peer-to-peer technologies, eliminating the need for expensive servers. All of the processing is transferred to the user’s machine, saving both time and money.

Earning Rewards

As mentioned before, it would be a huge benefit to players if they actually owned the things they earned in the game. Imagine playing your favorite video game and actually owning the coins you collect, the things you buy in the shop, or the weapons you win from other players you defeat. Blockchain could bring this functionality to all of gaming.

That means every time you level up, every coin Sonic or Mario collected throughout that level went straight into your connected wallet. Sure, this is an oversimplification, but the point is that this could be the future, and it’s not very far off.

Unique Development

With the use of smart contracts, the blockchain can ensure that every player owns a copy of what they play, not just one entity. This brings true item ownership to gaming and prevents getting stuck with in-game entities.

Not only that, but if a player actually owned the game they were playing, they could customize their gaming items. That means developing characters, weapons, and other items, making them truly unique.

With this unique items (that the player actually owns), they could then mint NFTs and trade them on the platform. That makes the game and everything inside of it even more valuable. This is true utility for gamers who have been limited by the current development of games until now.

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