Don’t Miss 3rd édition of Paris Blockchain Summit — 8th July 2022

Paris Blockchain Summit is the oldest international event dedicated to Blockchain technology in France.

Each year, it brings together the international community in a unique and breathtaking place to connect players wishing to promote the sector, reveal concrete and original applications, form profitable partnerships, and transmit know-how through workshops, conferences, and keynotes.

Throughout the day, renowned speakers from various backgrounds will share with you the current state of blockchain, its future and its future trends — among them Eva Kaili, Vice President of the European Parliament, who will share her vision about the future of European Blockchain Market and upcoming European regulation MICA, and Idriss Aberkane, Ph.D, who will deliver an inspiring speech on the fact that “Blockchain is not the future of finance, it is the future of civilization”.

Enjoy few parties (Pré NFT Party, Closing Party and After Party) with special guest artists until the end of the night.

The exciting potential of this novel union both furthers and helps to understand the value of blockchain regardless of industry.

In light of this event, we’ve got some great news for all our followers: all Paris Blockchain Summit Tickets can be purchased with an additional discount when using the code “FFPB40” until July 6th.

Enjoy the discount, and join us at the PBS this year to discover the hot topic of blockchain together. This third edition will not fail to make a lasting impression.



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